Midnight Musings

Litha: Embracing the Magic of the Summer Solstice

Step into the Magic of Litha! As the Wheel of the Year turns, we're on the brink of one of the most vibrant and sun-d... more

beltane- image of a woman dancing with fire as flames flicker around her

As the wheel of the year turns and the earth blooms with vitality, we find ourselves at the vibrant celebration of Be... more

Ostara: Ostara celebrations, Rituals and Blessings

As the wheel of the year turns once again, we find ourselves at the enchanting threshold of Ostara, a time of rebirth... more

Andrea Camassei Lupercalia painting

Delve into the Mystery of Lupercalia,  an ancient Roman festival celebrated annually on February 15th. Dating back to... more

Imbolc: what is imbolc, traditions of imbolc

As the wheel of the year turns, we find ourselves at Imbolc (February 1st), a sacred time in the Pagan and Wiccan cal... more

How to use a pendulum

In this guide, we'll delve into the art of what is a pendulum, how to use a pendulum for the first time, as well as e... more