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 Unveil the Magic with Midnight Maker's Mystery Box! 

Our Mystery Boxes hold the key to enchantment and surprise, with a delightful blend of mystical treasures handpicked just for you. You'll receive a captivating assortment of magical items, each carefully chosen to inspire your witchy journey.

Standard Mystery Box 
In the Standard Mystery Box, you'll find a harmonious fusion of crystals, aromatic incense, herbs or flowers, and exquisite salts. Each element is imbued with its unique magic, ready to elevate your spiritual practice. What's more, you'll discover a handmade creation, which could be a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry or a unique clay creation, ensuring a touch of whimsy and wonder in every box.

Exclusive Edition Mystery Box  
Elevate your experience with the Exclusive Edition Mystery Box, where the magic deepens. In addition to crystals, incense, herbs, flowers, and salts, you may uncover divination tools to enhance your spiritual connection or a deity candle to invoke sacred energy. With the Exclusive Edition, your journey into the unknown becomes an even more mystical adventure.

Prepare to be enchanted as you dive into the secrets held within each Midnight Maker's Mystery Box. It's a treasure trove of magic and surprises, carefully curated to inspire your spiritual path.

Please note that contents may vary from box to box, making every unboxing a unique experience. Have a theme in mind you’d like? Such as healing, abundance or love.  Let us know in the comments box when you go to pay! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Katy Cawood

My exclusive box was absolutely amazing i love every single item and have used some of them already and i know what my next order will be and i will be making more tiktok videos everytime i use something and i will be telling everyone who asks where they can get the amazing stuff and everything was packed very well I'm so excited for my next order ❤️

Simone Walters
Exclusive Mystery Witchy Box

I absolutely adored every single item in this box. Everything was wrapped lovingly with beautiful care and attention.
My particular favourites were the green earth goddess alter decoration, the handmade flowery decorated tea lights with charms and amethyst earrings. But truly, everything was just perfectly gorgeous.

I can’t wait to receive more. Opening it and unveiling each item was a magic in itself.

Thank you.