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Introducing Samhain Dressed Spell Candles

Embrace the enchanting spirit of Samhain with our Samhain Dressed Spell Candles. Designed to enhance your rituals and divination practices, these candles are crafted with the utmost care, brimming with sacred ingredients to honour the changing seasons and connect with your ancestors.

Ingredients for Samhain Ritual Magic Candle: 
- Marigold: Symbolic of the harvest season and a connection to the spirits of the departed, marigold enhances the Samhain atmosphere.

- Black Agate:This protective stone serves as your guardian, shielding you as you journey into the spirit world during this sacred time.

- Tourmaline Crystals: These crystals ground your energy, allowing you to navigate the thinning veil between realms safely.

- Sage and Rosemary: Sage purifies the space, while rosemary aids in remembrance and honor for your ancestors.

- Sandalwood: A sacred scent, sandalwood encourages deep meditation and connection with the spirit world.

- Dandelion Leaf: Dandelion represents the journey of transformation, making it an ideal companion for Samhain rituals.

-Mugwort: Renowned for its divinatory properties, mugwort enhances your psychic abilities and spirit communication.

Key Information:

- Pack of 3: Each set contains three 4-inch candles, perfect for your Samhain ceremonies.

- Safe Candle Usage: Please exercise caution when burning candles. Use a fireproof holder or cauldron, and clear the area of flammable materials. Never leave a burning candle unattended and avoid moving the container while the wax is hot. Use your discretion with any flammable product.

- Strong Intentions: These candles are set with powerful intentions for connecting with your ancestors and for divination. Use them in your ritual work or for scrying purposes.

- Snuff, Don't Blow:To extinguish the flame, always use a snuffer; never blow it out.

 Warning: These candles may produce larger flames due to the herbal ingredients and may smoke due to the anointing oil.

Natural Residue: Due to the nature of this product, you may find loose herbs or wax inside the package after delivery. This is normal and occurs during transit, but rest assured, they are carefully wrapped before shipping to ensure their safe journey to you.

Illuminate your Samhain celebrations with the potent energy of our Samhain Dressed Spell Candles. Honor your ancestors, strengthen your divination, and embrace the magic of this mystical season. 

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