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Experience the Enigmatic Beauty of Malachite
Delve into the enchanting world of Malachite with our Tumble Stone Malachite. Here's why this vibrant green gemstone is a captivating addition to your crystal collection:

What is Malachite?
Malachite, a splendid green stone with swirling patterns, is a copper carbonate mineral. With its radiant green hues, Malachite is not only a striking crystal but also renowned for its potent metaphysical properties.

What Does Malachite Do?
Malachite is often called the "Stone of Transformation." Its energy is deeply connected to personal growth and positive change. This exquisite crystal empowers you to break free from old patterns, encouraging personal evolution and spiritual enlightenment.

What is Malachite Good For?
- Transformation: Malachite is a catalyst for profound inner change, urging you to leave behind the past and step into a more fulfilling future.
- Protection: This green gem is known to guard against negative energies and psychic attacks, creating a safe space for personal development.
- Emotional Healing: Malachite nurtures emotional well-being, making it an ideal companion for those seeking healing from past traumas.
- Amplifying Energy: It enhances positive energy and amplifies your intentions, aiding in manifesting your desires.

Where is Malachite Found?
Malachite is primarily found in copper mining regions worldwide, including Africa, Russia, Australia, and parts of the United States. Our Malachite is ethically sourced from South Africa.

How to Cleanse Malachite?
To keep your Malachite vibrant and energetically pure, consider these methods:
- Moonlight: Place it under the gentle light of a full moon to cleanse and charge its energy.
- Selenite Plate: Rest it on a selenite charging plate or in a selenite bowl.
- Smoke Cleanse: Pass it through the smoke of cleansing herbs, like Lavender, sage or Palo Santo.
- Intent: Hold your Malachite and set your intention to release any negative energies it may have absorbed.

Want to know more about Malachite? Check out Crystal Vaults Guide on the uses and benefits of Malachite. 

Product Details:
- Crystal: Malachite
- Size: Large- Approximately 30-50mm 
- Colour: Striking shades of green

Embrace the captivating beauty and transformative energies of Malachite with our Tumble Stone Malachite. Elevate your spiritual journey and personal growth as you connect with this mesmerizing crystal.

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